Wisconsin School of Business

Wisconsin School of Business

At the Wisconsin School of Business (WSB), getting a world-class business education means more than just lectures and homework. Experiential learning outside of the classroom allows students to explore coursework in an industry setting, network with professionals, and confidently step into their careers.  

WSB senior Calvin Dong x’24 characterizes his time at WSB as transformative due to the invaluable education, mentorship, and immersive experiential learning opportunities the school offers. With retreats like Leadership at Lambeau and regional treks, WSB trips have allowed him to begin senior year with both internship and networking experience.  

WSB is continuing to expand the number of treks that are offered each year for undergraduate and graduate students. With your investment, we can remove financial barriers and ensure that every student can participate. Here’s how your gift makes a difference:   

  • $2,000 covers the cost of facilitating a marketing case competition for 60 freshmen students. 
  • $1,000 covers one student’s participation in a career trek to visit companies on the East Coast or West Coast. 
  • $500 sponsors student travel and meals for job-shadowing opportunities. 
  • $200 supports one student’s travel and lodging expenses at a leadership retreat to network and develop career skills. 

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