People enjoying music at the Terrace

Wisconsin Union

The Wisconsin Union’s members, donors, and friends breathe life into thousands of events and celebrations. It is you who make them magical; it is you who make them possible. The Union’s ability to create numerous traditions and cherished memories for the community relies entirely on the support and investment of individuals like you. Your contribution to the Wisconsin Union enables students and Union members to foster a sense of community and belonging. Most importantly, your support ensures that these experiences are accessible to all students and Union members. With the assistance of our friends, we make all this possible. 

“My time with the Wisconsin Union Directorate has been instrumental in preparing me for my future endeavors. It has offered me numerous leadership opportunities, allowed me to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds, and fostered a sense of community among my peers, all of which have enhanced my collaboration and leadership skills and contributed to my personal growth.” 

– Lily Chavez ’24 
President, Wisconsin Union Directorate 
President, Wisconsin Union Council 

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