Students who participated in SuccessWorks pose for a picture


Internships give Letters & Science (L&S) students opportunities to try out different career paths, build valuable professional experience, and develop networks that serve them well beyond graduation. 

Your support of the SuccessWorks Internship Fund makes these experiences possible by helping students with financial need cover cost-of-living essentials like rent and transportation. You can eliminate barriers to these life-changing summer internship experiences.  

To date, the L&S alumni family has supported 420 students through the SuccessWorks Internship Fund. Your contribution of $10 or $15 (or more!) adds up quickly when we all pull together for students.  

Let’s show these Badgers how much we believe in them! 

“Without this award, I would not only have a constant mental burden due to financial concerns, but also a physical commitment to a separate, paying job. SuccessWorks programs actually helped me land this internship, too and helped me understand professional resumes [and] cover letters.”

Grace Woo x’24, a neurobiology and psychology student from New Berlin, WI  

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