Students in the Statistics program


In a world guided by data-driven insights and evidence-based decision making, the role of statistics has never been more vital. As our field evolves, so does our commitment to shaping the next generation of statisticians and data scientists. 

With your support, the Department of Statistics, a proud unit within the School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences, is creating a future where every student is equipped with not only academic knowledge but also hands-on experiences that will propel them into impactful careers. 

Gifts to our annual fund support: 

  • Transformative student experiences, including travel to prestigious conferences to network and gain exposure for their work on a national stage. 
  • Invaluable internships that provide students with hands-on skills and connections to industry professionals that bridge the gap between education and practical application. 
  • Research opportunities that foster curiosity and critical thinking and enable students to contribute to groundbreaking advancements. 
  • Scholarships that break down financial barriers, ensuring that talent and potential are the only factors that determine success. 

Your generosity fuels possibilities. Make a gift today to empower our students to become trailblazers in the world of data! 

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