Student enjoys a celebration with their parents

Parents Fund

Badger Parents and Families like yours can be heroes for our students and the future of UW.   Badger students are embarking on a life-changing journey and family members like you are crucial to the success of our students and UW. The Parents Fund provides an opportunity to further partner with the university and contribute to our shared goal of student success.  Your gift, no matter the amount, will join other families’ gifts to make a meaningful impact on the university.  

Will you join the Badger family community and help elevate the educational experience for all Badgers with a gift to the Parents Fund?  Your gift provides flexible funding that strengthens the programs and services that benefit students most, including student mental health support, student financial aid, recreation and wellness, and food insecurity relief.   

With an annual donation of $500 or more to the Parent Fund, your family can become Badger Parent Club members. The Badger Parent Club has been created to foster YOUR connection to the UW Campus community. In recognition of your generosity, Badger Parent Club members enjoy additional benefits. For more information:

Thank you for your partnership and for your commitment to supporting all Badger students on their journey of excellence in Madison and beyond!   

If you have more questions about supporting the Wisconsin Experience for our students, please contact  


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