Students on Lake Mendota performing research


Freshwater is the essence of life and Earth’s most vital resource. Yet freshwater ecosystems are threatened by climate change, declining fisheries, invasive species, pollution, and more. Addressing these challenges requires cutting-edge science and investment in the next generation of limnologists and problem solvers. 

The Center for Limnology is a global leader in freshwater science. Across Wisconsin and the world, we conduct research that endeavors to understand changes to our environment, find solutions to these important problems, and help confront these challenges head on. Support from donors like you helps keep the Center for Limnology at the forefront of these efforts. 

Your support helps us conduct crucially important science as well as train the next generation of researchers, educators, and leaders. It also allows us to share what we learn with the general public, elected officials, and resource managers to innovate solutions to the problems facing our freshwater resources. The tradition of world-class research in limnology began right here at UW–Madison in 1875, and that tradition continues today at the Hasler Lab in Madison and Trout Lake Station in Vilas County. 

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