Students studying at the library

UW Libraries

When you are part of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, you belong to a community that strives for excellence — and one of the many strengths of this University is our libraries. 

From helping researchers across the globe find critical information to developing online courses with instructors and supporting undergraduate research projects, our staff have extensive expertise in ensuring the discovery, access, and preservation of library materials. We provide cutting-edge resources that support life-changing education and research opportunities. 

The UW-Madison Libraries are central to Badgers getting work done. 

Libraries should be places for individual and collective growth, for critical thinking, and for connections and bonding between people. If the libraries are strong, we are, too.

Gloria J. Morales Osorio, PhD candidate in Spanish literature 

A donation will empower the world-class education and scholarship at UW-Madison. When you give to the UW–Madison Libraries, you support excellence in research. Please join us in this important mission! 

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