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The Information School (iSchool) is proud to be one of the oldest and longest running programs in the nation. Now part of the School of Computer, Data, and Information Sciences, the iSchool provides a broad array of programs that keep pace with the evolving demands of the information era.  

As the digital age transforms how information is generated and accessed, our faculty are pioneering research in new areas, including scientometrics, human-centered computing, and medical informatics — illuminating new horizons and curiosities for our students.   

With your generosity, the iSchool’s Annual Fund directly affects students:  

  • Empowering Connections: Increased funding for travel to professional conferences provides the opportunity for students to network and connect with professionals, scholars, and experts from various fields and gain exposure for their work. 
  • Professional Hands-On Experience: Internships and practicums provide our students with real-world experience that sets them apart in today’s competitive job market. Your gifts play a pivotal role in facilitating placements and offering financial assistance to those in need.  
  • Scholarships for Excellence: As the iSchool grows with diverse programs and students, we’re breaking financial barriers and increasing access to our programs through additional scholarships that attract and retain exceptional talents, cultivating the next generation of information leaders.  

With your support, we are shaping the world of information for generations to come. Make a gift today to be part of the iSchool’s transformative impact! 

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