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Financial Aid Scholarships

Donations to financial aid scholarships like the Great People Scholarship open the doors of the university to talented students, regardless of their financial background. It is these resources that expand prominent programs like Bucky’s Tuition Promise and Bucky’s Pell Pathway that have become a critical gateway for great Badgers to join us on campus. 

Help us usher in the next generation of Badgers by supporting the need-based scholarships that make the journey to college possible for so many! 

“I cannot thank you enough for supporting other people’s goals and dreams. This is not only money that is going toward my tuition — it is also something that is going to help me with my future career and life path. Thank you for being such kindhearted people. These funds are going to a great cause, and I will be proof of that.” 

— Trevon Abbott x’23, Milwaukee 

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