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Global Health Institute

We welcome you to UW-Madison’s Global Health Institute (GHI). 

GHI is a proactive global health solutions catalyst leader advancing health strategies to educate and connect the global health security leaders of today and beyond who face health security challenges of widening health disparities; emerging diseases; gender inequities; land, water, and air pollution; and a changing climate.   

A trusted resource now and into the future, GHI is a pillar of UW–Madison’s global health education and serves as an invaluable partner both within and beyond the health sciences. Our global network welcomes health enthusiasts from across academia, industry, governments, NGOs, and individuals who are passionate about global health strategies and discoveries. 

At GHI, we operate from a place of globally connecting the Wisconsin Idea through bold thinking and collaboration. 

Through GHI Director Dr. Jorge Osorio’s leadership, GHI connects those who work and value an equitable One Health model focused on research and programs to promote healthier humans, animals, and the planet. By building this global health network, we unearth synergies leading to impactful relationships across the world. 

Our network includes developing One Health Centers across the globe. We have centers in Colombia and Sierra Leone, one on the way in India, and discussions to develop more in additional African countries and in Mexico. These centers are collaborations between universities, industry partners, policy makers, and local communities who value interdisciplinary perspectives to tackle global health emergencies and provide opportunities for students to expand their knowledge by working side-by-side with global experts. 

We may be different in our approach building a One Health network … but we like standing out from the crowd.  

We all give what we can to make the world a healthier place — let’s discover what we can do together. Visit our website to learn more about GHI and ways to join a global health-solutions network that welcomes ideas, connection, and innovation.  

On, Wisconsin! 

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