Carolyn Lesch and a student during graduation

Criminal Justice & Legal Studies

The Carolyn Lesch Fund will provide greater support for students from underrepresented groups, including first-generation students, students from low-income backgrounds, students of color, and students with disabilities. Our main goal is to broaden these students’ participation in internships, mentoring programs, and other professional experiences, such as local and national conferences. Connecting more marginalized students to high-impact, hands-on experiences will help ensure their success. It also helps ensure that our criminal- and civil-justice systems are more representative of the diversity in our society. 

The Center for Law, Society, and Justice (CLSJ) is home to the legal studies major and the criminal justice certificate. This year, your gifts will help us support the Carolyn Lesch Fund, which honors Carolyn Lesch, a beloved adviser who is now retired but still a champion of our programs. The fund is devoted to the students whom she so strongly advocated for during her time at CLSJ: first-generation students, returning students, low-income students, students with disabilities, and students of color. The fund will help us ensure that all our students are full participants in our community, creating opportunities for them so that they can go on to fulfilling careers in the world of law and justice. We thank you greatly for your support! Gifts of any size will have an impact on our students’ lives. 

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