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Communication Arts

In the Department of Communication Arts, we study the production and consumption of communication in all its forms, including digital media, film, television, games, comics, political discourse, and interpersonal communication. Our students learn to harness the power of media and communication to impact the world in which we live, attuned to their effects and aesthetics as well as the politics, industries, and technologies that have historically shaped them. Our mission is to train communication scholars and practitioners who make a positive difference in the world. We accomplish this not just through our undergraduate and graduate degree programs, but also through two certificates: digital studies and digital cinema production. 

Your gift will help support tomorrow’s brightest media professionals and communication researchers as they learn to make critical and informed use of the powerful communication platforms all around us. Our current strategic priorities include:  

  • Developing resources and partnerships to recruit, retain, and support a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Investing in our classroom and research spaces to make them more welcoming to all.
  • Modernizing our curriculum through the creation of innovative, high-impact courses. 
  • Preparing our undergraduate and graduate students for career success with internships, fellowships, and other experiences that enhance their professional skills.
  • Empowering faculty to conduct more of the cutting-edge research that draws the world’s best students to the department.   

By supporting these and other initiatives, you can help realize our vision of changing the world through more effective communication. 

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