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Classical & Ancient Near Eastern Studies

The Department of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies was created as one of the university’s original academic units in 1850. Today, it remains foundational to the university’s mission of rigorous and interdisciplinary training in the humanities. While remaining faithful to the linguistic, historical, and philological foundations of the classics field, students and faculty also conduct research in areas such as gender studies, literary theory, translation studies, and classical reception.  

Immersive learning is critical for our students to strengthen their understanding of classical antiquity in the ancient Mediterranean and Near East, and it is your contribution and commitment to the department that enables us to support our undergraduate majors and graduate students. Your gift to the Ruth Miller Kuhlman Scholarship Fund will directly impact our undergraduate students by making it possible for them to experience opportunities including conference travel, research funding, competitive scholarships, prize competitions, and study abroad programs. No matter the size of your gift, every donation makes a difference to our students and the future of classical studies.  

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