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As a leading public research department, the UW–Madison Department of Chemistry works to expand the boundaries of chemical research, continuously improve the student experience, and promote the Wisconsin Idea beyond the university. Gifts to the department provide critical support for: 

Research that expands our understanding and breaks new ground. 

The horizon for groundbreaking and foundational chemical research is quickly moving, and your gift allows researchers in the department to move with it. Funding advances the understanding and discoveries for which the department is known. 

More hands-on learning experiences for more students. 

Students learn best when given the opportunity to learn through hands-on experiences, especially in chemistry. Your gift to the Department of Chemistry allows access to faculty members, equipment, space, and supplies for more students to gain valuable and important laboratory experiences. Your donation also allows the department to expand the number of research opportunities available to undergraduate students for them to feel the important “spark” of discovery.  

Advancing the Wisconsin Idea. 

Support for the department benefits more than the people within the walls of our buildings. Your donation directly promotes the Wisconsin Idea to individuals of all ages through outreach to the greater community. 

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