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Your support of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication helps to ensure that our students have educational opportunities that create unparalleled professionals in strategic communication, journalism, and research. Your gifts help students financially through scholarships, create professional development and networking opportunities, and support instructors as they develop experiences that best prepare students for ever-changing media landscapes. Your gift will support real-world projects and initiatives that engage our students, such as producing award-winning media content, working with industry leaders on strategic communication campaigns, and engaging in groundbreaking research on how communication can be used to foster healthier societies. We prepare our students to contribute to society: more than 95 percent of our graduates are employed in their chosen fields. But, just as important, we prepare them for civic life with a well-rounded education that builds critical thinking, curiosity, and creativity. Your gifts help us guide students to become great leaders and teammates, and to cultivate people who want to be well-informed, active citizens and agents of change.

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